Faith Bible Church Membership Application

FBC Documents

Download these documents to see the FBC Constitution and FBC Statement of Faith.


Fill out and submit this application for review by FBC leadership. Make sure that you submit an answer for each required field. Let the office know if you are having problems with the digital application.

Family Information

Previous Church Membership

Previous Ministry Experience and Service

Joining the FBC Family

Covenant Agreement Between FBC Membership

Covenant Expectations for FBC Members

I have answered all questions and submitted information that is truthful to the best of my knowledge, and by signing this application, I hereby ask to be considered for membership at Faith Bible Church, 365 Union Street, Littleton, New Hampshire 03561.

I understand the process to consider this application will be as follows:

1 - Complete and submit the membership application.

2 - Interview with a deacon, elder, or pastor.

3 - Review and recommendation by leadership to the church.

4 - Vote by church membership at Membership Meeting following a decision to recommend membership.

Signature (to be completed at the meeting with an FBC leader).