Foster Care

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope is an important work of the Jesus' Church. It should be a part of everything that we do. One of the communities that need hope is the fostering community. Within the fostering community, you have children who have been taken from their homes, families who have taken these children in need under their care, and a maxed-out community support system just trying to figure out how to serve both the children and families best.

Fostering Hope is a place to rally around those needs. Here are a few of the community resources that Faith Bible Church partners with.

The Pass Along Project
The Pass Along Project exists to resource foster families when children in need come into their home. The Pass Along Project delivers bundles of clothes to those children in need within the first 24 hours of their placement in a foster home.
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Bethany Christian Services
Bethany is an organization set up to support foster and adoptive families. Bethany believes every child deserves to be loved, connected, and safe. For more than 75 years, our faith has inspired us to stand for children close to home and worldwide. Together, we can change the world through the family.
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