Fostering Hope

There are over 1200 New Hampshire Children in Need!

Jesus asked us to look out for the least of these. Children in the Foster Care System certainly qualify as that. There are various ways that you can get involved. There is a place for everyone to serve. Scroll through the various ways to serve in the Foster Care System and then jump in today.

Fostering Hope is an important work of the Jesus' Church. It should be a part of everything that we do. One of the communities that need hope is the fostering community. Within the fostering community, you have children who have been taken from their homes, families who have taken these children in need under their care, and a maxed-out community support system just trying to figure out how to serve both the children and families best.
Fostering Hope is a place to rally around those needs. Here are a few of the community resources that Faith Bible Church partners with.

The way we like to describe the fostering system in New Hampshire is this way. Imagine 20 school buses full of children, and you see these buses driving through your neighborhood. These 20 school buses represent the number of kids in the NH foster system. Our question is: "What will we do when these school buses drive by? How many kids can we help off the bus?"

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Becoming a Foster Care Family

There is always room for more families in the Foster Care System. The first step is prayer. Is this something that the Lord is asking you to do? After that, your next step is probably finding out more about what it takes to be a foster family. The best place to go is your local DHHS representative. Click the link below to start that journey.