Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Faith Bible Church desires to be a place where anyone can come and be equipped to impact their community. We are all moving along in our spiritual journey and we want to have a place where everyone can grow in their next step. We are building a church where you can:
Worship – Serve – Find Community – and Give.

The Vision

Faith Bible Church exists to equip Christ’s Church to impact our communities by providing opportunities for people to:
  • Experience the love and the salvation that comes from the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • Grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s purpose for their life.
  • Find opportunities to practice their faith by serving and loving others.

Core Values

Every organization and church has a culture. Our mission and culture help drive the vision we have for Faith Bible Church. Here are the six values we want to describe and prescribe the culture we create at Faith Bible Church.
  • Jesus is the center – Loving, following, and showing Jesus matters most.
  • Reach is the goal – We desire to reach our communities for Christ.
  • Excellence is our way – We don’t expect perfection but always our best and continue moving toward improvement.
  • We are a team – Different parts but one body walking in the same direction.
  • Everyone has value – We will respect each other time, schedules, and work responsibilities. We will also respect the time of the people who come to worship here.
  • Change is a constant – The world around us continues to change and so must our approach.
  • It starts with me – No job is too big or too small for any position or title.

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