Community Groups

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Groups are a place to get to know one another and get practical in our walk with the Lord.

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Weekly Group Questions

Use these questions to guide your group study this week. Questions are based on the Worship Gathering message for the week.

Scripture passages - Luke 1:26-45

  1. How does the story of Mary comfort you and give you hope?
  2. Mary showed belief at Gabriel’s message where Zechariah showed disbelief, even though he had been a religious man for a long time. How common a problem do you think unbelief is among Christians?
  3. Can you describe a time when you struggled to believe a promise of God?
  4. Talk about some times when either you or someone you know responded like Mary in the midst of a confusing but God orchestrated set of circumstances.
  5. Share stories about people you know who have lived a life of “Lord, I am your servant”. Make sure to talk about the little acts of obedience and not just the flashy ones that draw our attention.
  6. Israel waited a long time for the promised Messiah. Are there areas or issues in your life that you have waited a long time for God to answer your prayers? How does it feel to keep walking in those unanswered prayers? In what ways can you encourage one another in this journey?