May 10, 2022 Faith Bible Church



From the series Letters to the Prison


Last week, Jesus explained the problem:  People don’t believe him because they aren’t part of his flock (John 10:26).  This week, we see Jesus’ promise to the people who, because they hear his voice and follow him (John 10:27), are counted amongst his sheep:

  • I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.  -John 10:28

This is a profound promise, to be sure.  But it is also a staggering claim that Jesus makes about himself.  Keep in mind that Jesus is standing in front of the people he’s talking to –a man, in the flesh.  And he’s claiming to give people (whom he compares to sheep)… people that he owns (John 10:14)…  people that belong to him… what?  Eternal life.  And, with that eternal life, the promise that his people –whom Jesus owns—will never perish.  They are in his hands.  Jesus owns them.  He pays for them with his life (John 10:15, 17).  And no one --no one-- will snatch them out of Jesus’ hand.

“Oh, yeah?  No one?  What about God?”  someone might ask…  Jesus has an answer:

  • My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand.  -John 10:29

We’re moving into “mind-blowing” territory again, here.  God, whom Jesus lovingly refers to as his Father (as he does in so many places) –God, who is greater than all—is the one who has given the people that belong to Jesus… to Jesus.  And no one –no one—is able to snatch them out of God the Father’s hand.  That is a stunning claim for Jesus to make.  It’s also an overwhelming thing to think about for us.  It’s a double security for those who belong to Jesus.  They are secure in Jesus’ hands because God has given them to him… and they are already secure in God the Father’s hands.

And, just to be sure no one is confused… just in case anyone is wondering how any of this can even be possible, or make any kind of sense, Jesus makes another “bombshell” of a claim:

  •  I and the Father are one.” -John 10:30

The Jews in Jerusalem had asked Jesus to “tell them plainly” (John 10:24) whether he was the Christ… the Anointed One of God… the Messiah…  Jesus did not make them wait long for his answer.  The stunning implications of these verses are too vast to unpack in these letters.  It would take years, dear friends.  We encourage you to just sit with this profound truth.  Sit, in your mind, in your heart, and in your spirit, at Jesus’ feet… or at the cross… and consider what these words mean for you and for your eternal security… and let those thoughts turn into prayers of thanksgiving and praise for our mighty God and Savior, Jesus the Christ!  Amen!  

There are so many important things to consider as we collectively sit in awe and wonder with these verses.  Next week, we will touch on just a few of them.  Until then, we hope that you will spend some time thinking about, thanking, and praising God for what he has accomplished through Jesus Christ our Lord.  We love you!

Dean A.