Prayer is such a crucial part of being a follower of Jesus. Even Jesus, the Son of God, lived a life of prayer and fellowship with God the Father. If Jesus spent time in prayer how much more should we as His followers spend our days in prayer. We want to help provide opportunities to do just that. Plan on joining us during one of these key prayer gatherings or ministries.

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Prayer Balcony

Prayer is happening each Sunday during each of the FBC worship gatherings. What a comforting thought. As the music plays and then the Word is taught there are people praying in the balcony or prayer room off of the sanctuary. If you have a prayer need locate one of these teams and share the need before services. They would love to pray with you about that specific issue.

Are you looking to be involved in a ministry. This may be the right one for you. Join the rotation and take a turn praying for a service. The leadership would love to find a place for you on this important team. Click on the link to contact the office about joining the Prayer Balcony Team.

I Want to Join

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Wednesday Night Prayer

Each last Wednesday of the month is dedicated to worship and prayer. We spend time praying for each other as well as our communities.

Monthly at 6:45pm

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Men’s Prayer

Let’s just face the facts. Prayer doesn’t come natural to most men. We get this, we understand it, and we want to provide a place where you can grow in your prayer life. Men are called to be heads of the household. We need to be in prayer so that we are following the example of Jesus when it comes to how we treat our families, our co-workers, and those in our community.

Tuesdays at 5:30am – It’s early but so worth it!

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Women’s Prayer

This is probably the best kept secret at FBC.

Did you know that there is a group of women interceding on your behalf each and every week. Through prayer they reach every level of ministry at Faith Bible Church. Some of the areas of prayer that these brave ladies cover are: spiritual warfare, lifting up leadership, praying over vision for the church, community outreach, hurts and wounds, sickness, etc. This is a mighty group of women!

Do you think you have what it takes? Are you bold enough to go into the throne room of God petitioning for the needs of our local body of believers? If you are, ask the leadership about more information regarding this important ministry. 

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