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Malcolm F. Starring (Mac)
Senior Pastor
Phone: (603) 444-2763  x14


Pre-Christian background

Mac grew up in Mt. Kisco, NY, a suburb of New York City, where he attended private all-boys schools (Harvey School, grades 4-8; Hotchkiss School, grades 9-12). His religious background included a few weddings and funerals, a grade 8 Bible course, and compulsory daily and Sunday chapel services (boarding school), all meaning little to him. Mac started piano lessons at age seven, sang in school choruses, and played and composed for pipe organ (senior year of boarding school).

Princeton University

From this decidedly “preppy” background, Mac attended Princeton University, where he discovered in his first semester, just how “lost” he really was. On February 8, 1970, Mac trusted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, strongly influenced by the faithful witness of two colleagues from Freshman Men’s Glee Club. Mac was convinced God saved him for full-time Christian service, so he spent two summers in missionary work in Quebec, with Christian & Missionary Alliance missionaries. He graduated from Princeton with a BA in Music Composition in 1973 and headed straight for in-depth training at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dallas Theological Seminary

During his tenure at Dallas, Mac spent two more summers in missionary work, this time in Belgium, with Greater Europe Mission. During his second summer as team leader, he got to know one of his team members, Jan, who eventually became his “permanent team member”: they married in May 1976 (before Mac’s senior year). Mac graduated in May 1977 with a ThM in Old Testament.

Mac and Jan were accepted as missionary candidates to France by Unevangelized Fields Mission (now Crossworld). To gain more church experience, Mac served as Minister of Music & Missions at Westover Church (formerly Westover Presbyterian Church) in Greensboro, NC. In the fall of 1977, Mac & Jan became the proud parents of Katherine (November 5) and Mac was ordained.

Missionaries: France

They attended language school in Albertville (1979-80). Their second daughter, Caroline, arrived August 20, just two weeks before school started. Then they learned the ropes of French ministry with a Brethren church in Grenoble (1980-81), and Mac pastured a Cambodian refuge church in Lyon (1981-83). Their third child, Paul, was born during this stretch (December 1982). After that, they tried their hand at church planting in Aix-les-Bains (1983-85). It was during that tenure Mac concluded he was a “square peg in a round hole.” He made the hard decision and returned to the States during the summer of 1985.


Jan had told Mac, “Anywhere but Texas.” Guess where God sent them? Mac served as department head for both Missions and Music at Woodcrest College (formerly Dallas Bible College). Unwise decisions and financial difficulties forced the school to close New Years Eve 1985, after only the fall semester. Mac spent the next year looking for a new ministry…as long as it wasn’t a church pastorate (something he had told God he wouldn’t do).

In January 1987, Mac got a call from the head elder at Faith Bible Church. He visited the church, exchanging 90-degree Texas warmth with 30-below-zero temperatures in Littleton, NH. Mac recalls thinking, “Surely Lord You can’t mean for me to be a pastor of a 10-year-old church with a roller-coaster history, and a congregation of only 25 people! And worse still: it’s freezing cold here and You know I hate winter!”

Faith Bible Church (Littleton, NH)

Mac arrived in April 1987 as pastor. In September 2007, the church celebrated its 30thanniversary. The congregation now includes over 200 people, and the church offers two worship gatherings on Sunday morning.

Mac discovered in the cold of New England God indeed had formed him to be a pastor, especially in the “granite” mission field of northern New Hampshire. He loves to teach and preach the inerrant Word of God each week, and loves even more to counsel hurting people (many who come from abusive and/or occultic backgrounds), and to see them set free by Jesus Christ.

Mac has served in the community in the following ways:

    On the pastoral rotation for the Littleton Hospital Chaplaincy (5 years)
    Chaplain for the Littleton Police Department (until 2001)
    Member of Citizens Advisory Board to the police department (8 years, recently disbanded)
    Member of monthly pastors’ prayer group
    Spear-headed evangelical, inter-church gatherings (such as National Day of Prayer and a Community Thanksgiving service)
    Board of state’s Citizens’ Faith Based Initiative for Foster Care (2 years)
    Worked to foster unity and prayer within the body of born-again believers of New Hampshire (3 years)
    Recently joined the Executive Board of the New Hampshire Alliance for Evangelical & Renewal Ministries

Mac continues to encourage his congregation and others to take a more active role in community life, to impact the community with the love of Jesus.


All three kids are married, and have given Mac & Jan five grandchildren (so far). In 2007, after 20 years in the parsonage (attached to the church), they moved into their own home.