Dear Prospective Homeschool Family,

We are writing to you to share with you the exciting new Spring 2015 schedule for the H.I.S. Ministry Home School Co-Op Group at Faith Bible Church!  You have been given a link to this site either because you have expressed interest being a part of our ministry, or a member of our leadership has approached you to consider being a part of our ministry.  We are asking for you to spend some time praying and asking God if you feel this ministry would be a good fit for you and your students.

H.I.S. Ministry (Homeschooling in the Spirit) has been developed by a group of homeschool moms in the fellowship of Faith Bible Church who feel God’s leading to provide a community for their children, as well as reach their extended communities through teaching and supporting both students and families.

The ministry, in its structure, is set up like a traditional homeschool co-op with structured weekly class times.  We meet on Mondays and start with a chapel service, during which there will be a Bible lesson and gospel presentation.   True to a traditional co-op, all parents will be involved in the ministry through teaching, co-teaching, being a helper, serving in the kitchen, etc.  We will also be encouraging the families to be thinking about and getting involved with local ministries, such as collecting food for food pantries and servicing the elderly.

Here are some documents to help you better understand H.I.S. Ministry:

Welcome Letter

Mission Statement & Purpose Statement

H.I.S. Ministry Guidelines, Policies and Operating Procedures

Faith Bible Church Statement of Faith


During our 3rd – 6 Week Session , we will meet every Monday from February 9th through March 23rd.  Visit our SignUpGenius Session #3 page for details on ages for each class and to sign up. Our schedule will be as follows:

8:45 – 9:00:   Arrive

9:00-9:45:     Chapel

9:50-10:50:    Period 1 – Adventures in Music (K-4th), Beautiful Feet/Geography, Beginner Sewing, Exploring Weather or Homeschool Gym

11:00-12:00:  Period 2 – Meet the Composers (5th & Up), Art (K-4th), Cake Decorating, Explorers of North America, or Intermediate Sewing

12:00-1:00:  Closing & Lunch


During our 4th – 6 Week Session, we will meet every Monday from April 6th through May 11th.  Visit our SignUpGenius Session #4 page for details on ages for each class and to sign up. Our schedule will be as follows:

8:45 – 9:00:   Arrive

9:00-9:45:     Chapel

9:50-10:50:    Period 1 – Beautiful Feet/Geography -Sea Bird, Exploring New England Animals, Forensic Science (5th & Up) or Fun with Art

11:00-12:00:  Period 2 – Digital Photography (5th & Up) or Science of Candy

12:00-1:00:  Closing & Lunch


To enroll in a class you will need to go to our page and enroll your child(ren) in each class.  Once your are signed up online, you can follow links to print and fill out the following paperwork:

1) Read & Sign the Procedures/Statement of Faith Form

2) Complete the Personal Information Application

3) Read & Sign the Behavior Policies

4) Read & Sign the Parental Consent & Liability Form.

If you are interested in teaching as well, (during future sessions) there will be additional paperwork for you to submit:

1) Complete a Teacher Request Voucher

2) Submit a Class Description

3) Submit a Syllabus

4) Complete a Volunteer Form

5) Complete a Background Check Form (please request)

All paperwork is vital, so we ask that you be prompt in returning all completed forms by January 1, 2015.  Due to the time sensitivity, if paperwork is not returned by the deadline, your enrollment slot will go to the next family in line.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this sometimes mundane side of ministry!

Thank you so much for your time and your prayerful consideration of the future of this ministry!

H.I.S. Leadership


P.S. if you have any questions or problems signing up, please feel free to contact our tech coordinator Heather McCullough –