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The “church” is not a building, a denomination, or a business organization. It’s a family of people who agree about Jesus. At Faith Bible Church, we believe that the family needs to gather together on the weekend in our worship time, but we also believe the family should scatter around the community and meet in small groups during the week. We are encouraging everyone who calls Faith Bible Church home to participate in Community Group life.


“Life change happens in circles, not in rows.”
Andy Stanley

We are so excited that groups have had such a great launch here at Faith Bible Church. Since we are new at this bear with us as we work out all the kinks. We have found that groups fill up fast and there is growing interest in the body. The plan is to try and start new groups on a quarterly basis. We need time to identify and train new leaders as we continue to grow.

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Current Group Locations






Belonging to a Group

Every believer needs a church home, and we also need a small group of other believers for support and encouragement. We believe that spiritual growth happens as we gather regularly with a few other believers, and when we meet, our goals are simple:

  • Fellowship
  • Study
  • Prayer
  • Fun

Through this you will be able to:

  • Share each other’s hurts and triumphs.
  • Pray for one another.
  • Know one another.
  • Be accountable to others.
  • Encourage one another.
  • … and more.
Community Group Resources

At Faith Bible Church we use a variety of study methods. From book, video, and sermon studies there is no limit to what you can do. Click on this link for group study ideas. This is a page just for Faith Bible Church group leaders.

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Leading Your Own Group

Everybody needs a spiritual family, and God has given the church to fill that role in our lives. And every believer needs to be part of a small group of believers for mutual encouragement and spiritual growth in community with each other. We call it “doing life together.” And when people approach us and ask, how can I get into a community group? our response is usually Would you help us start a new one?

Leading a Community Group is a great way to help people discover and grow in Christ, develop community, and expand the reach of the church. It can be one of the most rewarding things you could consider doing. And hosting your own group or helping others to start one is something you can do!

What is required or expected of a Faith Bible Church Community Group leader?

Group leaders need to be people who are committed to Jesus and who have been baptized as believers. Leaders also need to have attended Membership Matters and signed our Membership Covenant, or plan to do so within a three-month period after beginning their group.

We do NOT expect group leaders to be Bible scholars. All leaders will gather together every few months for a time of discussion and training with a Faith Bible Church Pastor.

What exactly does a Community Group leader do?

We ask leaders to be willing to do four things:

Have a heart for people.

Open their home (or another meeting place).

Serve a snack.

Take the lead in facilitating the discussion.

What is the Bible study curriculum?

We want to encourage growth not only within the groups but within the whole local body at Faith Bible Church. We encourage the groups to base their Bible study time around the sermon that was preached the previous Sunday. The pastors will provide questions based on the topic for the group leaders to us in facilitation. It’s as easy as that! Not only can you connect with those in your group but you can also interact with other church participants with the same material.

If your group needs some other topical material that is available as well. Faith Bible Church also has a partnership with RightNow Media that offers us a library of over 4,400 videos and dozens of video-based studies to choose from led by authors we trust. If you’d like access and you’re a Faith Bible Church attender, just email us and ask – it’s free to you.

When and how often should we meet?

We strongly encourage groups to meet every week, but allow for missing weeks now and then when group members are scattered. The time is up to the group. Many groups find Sunday evenings to be the best time, but groups can meet any day, morning, afternoon, or evening. We’re flexible!

What do we do about kids?

Some groups hire a babysitter and divide the cost. Others let kids play in another room. It’s really up to the group. Faith Bible Church doesn’t currently provide childcare for Community Groups, but we’ve found that most groups can have a great meeting even when kids are playing in a room nearby. Further, we love the idea of kids seeing their parents engaging with others in Bible study – it’s a great example to set!

Can people attend my group who don’t attend Faith Bible Church?

Definitely! This is one of the best ways to grow and expand our reach. We are careful not to try to “recruit” people already involved in other churches, but when someone is not connected in a church, we want to include them in ours! Just remember that what is talked about in groups stays in groups. Each participant needs to understand the expectations for their group.

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