As the Body of Christ we are called to look after and love one another. Our benevolence fund is set up to help church members who find themselves in a financial or life struggle. If you find yourself in this kind of need you can consider filling out a benevolence application. After the application is approved you will have a chance to meet with a leader from our Deacon Board.

Food Pantry

Because of the needs that we see in our local community FBC has a small food pantry to provide quick resources to those in immediate need. Anyone is able to come off the street to our offices and take advantage of this resource. As we are not a full food pantry we offer a bag of food to those in need and this should be able to provide one or two meals.


Cupbearers is a ministry providing help for church families in times of need. It gives an opportunity for all members of the church body to serve one another during such times. Specific support that is given includes meals, house cleaning, and transportation.

Financial Counseling

Though our resources are limited we have a few individuals who are experienced in the area of financial counseling. FBC has used program such as Financial Peace University as training opportunities.